Videoclip: Audio-visual content for Jonas Blue Official Fan Video
In consideration of the payment made by you of £1 (receipt of which I hereby acknowledge), I hereby give all requisite consents under the Performer’s Protection Acts 19581972 (or any reenactments or amendments thereof) to enable you to record and/or film me and/or feature my recording of my performances rendered in connection with the above audio-visual content (“the Recordings”). In regard to such recording and filming, I agree to attend at such times and places as reasonably requested by you or on your behalf. For the avoidance of doubt, I confirm that subject to the provisions of any relevant Agreements binding upon you with the Musician’s Union and/or Equity, you shall be entitled in perpetuity throughout the world without further payment or liability to me:
(i) to edit the Recordings and to use and exploit the Recordings in any manner whatsoever including without limitation by way of rental and/or lending and in all and any media worldwide, save in any advertisement or endorsement other than as permitted in (ii) below; and
(ii) to use my photograph, name and likeness solely in connection with the promotion, advertising and/or packaging of the recordings or any associated Soundtrack or any programme, audio visual device or audio record in which the Recordings are reproduced.
I confirm that the fees received hereunder are equitable remuneration and are in full and final settlement of my entitlement for monies whether in accordance with this agreement or otherwise.
I warrant that I am entitled to give the above consents.

Thank you

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